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Re: lights, lights, lights

>  pair of the '83 down 5k H4 headlights from a Euro model in there..and kept 
>  the turbo grille, and just used some non-turbo typ44 side marker lites 
>  it....it actually looks half decent!!!!  get alotta doubletakes, tho...

I successfully adapted a pair of '75-'78 BMW 530i headlight assemblies to fit 
my '89 200q and used a pair of non-turbo sidemarker lights converted to use 
dual-filament bulbs for turn signals.  I had intended to make them look like 
the late model 3-series lights (which rumor has can also be adapted to fit) 
using a pair of GTS acrylic headlight covers but this proved beyond my means 
as the end result looked pretty crude.  I still have the four Hella bulbs -- 
$160 worth! -- if you or anyone else is interested in tackling this