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FW: Type 44 Antenna

Looking at Vaughn's sig. made me wonder...
Why did someone park this car back in '89 and never use it again?
When was that 60 Minutes thing? Is it possible that some poor sap got
so scared by the UA scare that they just parked their Audi and never drove
it again???

Nick Craft

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Power antenna failed in 112 degree temp. in so. cal. a week ago. Motor
is fine, but mast cable is broke. Can these be purchased separately from
motor, or should I just grab an aftermarket unit and hope it lasts a

'84 5k (found in garage under car cover with 45k mi. Parked since '89.
Needed tires, steering rack, heater core, struts, etc. Engine excellent
and rebuilt tranns. Very clean in and out. Cream w/ cream leather. I
thought I hated Audis with my Fox experience. But this is nice.)