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Hello List:

I asked the list what trannies were used in 5000s and 4000s. Some people
told me they were different, others told me they are the same.

What gives?

Are there any tranny gurus on the list that can tell me which
transmission used in the Quattros has the widest gears and what cars it
came in? Non-Torsen, center locking, 5 speed. Ratios would be nice.

Apparently the 016 is the one, but I'm not sure.

I have the ratios of the 4000 Quattros: 1st: 3.60, 2nd: 2.13, 3rd: 1.46,
4th: 1.07, 5th: 0.83. Final drive 4.11. This is what I have in my car.
Is there a transmission with a wider ratio?

Please help.

Oh, has anyone ever converted their dash to the later 80/90 Audi single
piece one?