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Lights, again

Ah, the crappy DOT lights thread lives on!

I too entertained thoughts of various conversions, adaptations, and
subterfuges to get some more light out of the crappy DOT lights on my 86 5KS.

I looked at a set of (very rusty) brackets from a 1979 5000, I looked at a
set of (very expensive) used lights for a 325 WMB, heck, I even went to the
local F*rd dealership carrying a tape measure, hoping I could find
something new and domestic (cheap) that I could adapt.

No luck. Each approach quickly became a MAJOR project.

Next step was to optimize the existing lights. A pair of Wagner Brite-Lite
9004 bulbs was the first, and unfortunately also the final step. I'm not
sure how much actual improvement there was, but I felt better, even if I
couldn't see much more in the dark. The problem is the crappy DOT design.
If you put a bigger bulb into it, the reflector melts. Even if it didn't,
the lens geometry is so poor that it wouldn't matter - you could put 10,000
watts per side and still be driving blind.

Finally, I bit the bullet and imported a set of genuine Eurolights - not
the UK version, but the continental version (they drive on the same side as
we do). They were not cheap, HOWEVER . . . they fit right, they work right,
and they look right. And Oh, Boy, do they light up the night for me, even
with 45/60 watt bulbs!!!

The next thing I did was import a batch of them - I am selling Eurolights
for the type 44 non-turbo cars (can be used on turbo cars if you change the
grille), including the orange corner lights, for $400 a set, complete. Add
your choice of H-4 headight bulbs, and relays (diagrams supplied), and SEE
at night!

NOW: For the next 30 days, until September 8th, I'll send $50 of the
purchase price of every set sold directly to Dan, our listmeister. Now you
have no excuse not to do this right!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

P.S. Sold the old DOT lights on eBay - got $125 for the set!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman