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Re: Power door lock problem


Did that work that way on your car?  I thought for that vintage Audi you
had to have either a Turbo or Quattro Model to get both driver and
passenger door locking capability via the door "knob".  On a normally
aspirated 5K (at least on my '86) locking the passenger door via the
knob has no effect on locking the entire car. ( I can't check mine
presently since the car is without a battery at the monent.)  I also
thought the passenger side key does not unlock the whole car.  I am not
sure on the passenger key locking scenario though,  Perhaps mine never
worked right on my car?  Please keep the list posted as I am curious if
I may have a problem with my 5K.  Good Luck on the project.


Eyvind Spangen wrote:

> The lock on the passenger side on my '87 5k is not working correct.
> If I lock/unlock the doors with key in driver's door, it will
> lock/unlock just as it should.
> If I lock the doors by using the passenger side lock, only that door
> will lock, and the vacuum pump is not running. When I unlock, I hear
> the pump is running as it should.
> It looks to me like something is wrong with the switch that triggers
> the pump when locking. How do I fix it?
> ES