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Re: new Audi's

 PR real intention is to build a 50k dollar car.  I mean, what expensive car 
 company has a car worth the money?  Do you think that PR will have a car 
that  >>

    Building a car is engineering, getting people to buy one is Marketing.  A 
company that builds a high quality car, but cannot sell it will no longer be 
a company.  Take for example the Lexus line of cars.  From an engineering 
standpoint, really no different than a Toyota in terms of quality, safety, or 
even design, and all use many of the same drivetrains, braking systems, and 
chassis components.  What justifies the 20%+ increase in price for a Lexus is 
the marketing associated with the cars, not the increased options such as 
leather, etc.  Toyota has created a perception of higher engineering standard 
and image through a marketing campaing, which is not really tangible.  We as 
Americans are suckers for image, and make most of our consumer decisions 
based on perceptions that cannot be backed up with real facts.  Take, for 
example, McDonalds change from styrofoam to paper to be more "environmentally 
friendly", when the facts show that  styrofoam uses much less energy to 
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q