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5000s Window Fixed

    Thanks for the help!  I got into the 5000 door today and had to
dismantle most everything.  Window subframe came out, window out of track,
undo mounting bolts for motor/regulator, then finally after all that I was
able to solve the problem.  The cable had jumped out of the pulley up top.
Since the window had been put down and up so many times by friends of my
sister the cable had some nice kinking and twisting going on.  Also the
outer housing coming from the top pulley to the motor had shortened itself
because of the out of place cable.  It crunched the plastic outer covering
which caused the cheap platic cable end to slide up, therefore a shortened
cable, making it a lot harder to pop the cable onto the pulley.  Finally
using some bungee cord I held the little piece that moves the window up/down
compressing the lower cable spring giving me some more cable to work with.
Then with two large screw drivers I slid the cable back onto the pulley
using them as leverage tools.  Real pain in the rear, but the window now
travels up and down.  The cable has some bad kinking that makes noise when
it passes through the motor, but it's a good fix for now.
    What caused this is the towing company that towed her twice, they used a
coat hanger style lock tool to get in to get at the e-brake and take the car
away.  Is there a way to replace the cable if the noise becomes unbearble or
it breaks due to too much stress from before?  Maybe now that it is settled
in a straight path it will slowly unkink itself a bit lessening the noise.


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