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Re: Thule for 90 80Q?

> Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 11:01:51 -0400
> From: "Robert Lester" <lester@cyberportal.net>
> Subject: Thule for 90 80Q?
> Hey guys, who is using and can recomend the specific load carrier and
> (feet)? I need for my 90 80Q? I've already looked at Thule web site.
> TIA Bob
> 90 80Q (Nologies/amp)

I just got finished with setting up my rack. You use the #400 feet.  for
info here is the site. http://www.thuleracks.com/400.html They are about
85.00USD at http://www.performancebile.com  They run for 110.00USD at my
local dealer so ordering over the internet is the way to go.

you will also need a "fit kit".  you need fit kit model #1.  that runs 40
bucks everywhere and usually hard to find b/c thay make like a hundred of
them.  however http://www.rei.com carries them for that price.

other than getting the load bars and a snowboard rack, you are all set.

hope that helps.

p.s. the car that they show the feet on in thule's website is an A4:-).

'91 80q
'03 TTCQ
AIM = PROpane860