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Still '88 90q Rear Brakes

To continue the saga which began on 6/27, I am "deliberately" working
on the rear disc brake project.  Several surprises along the way, plus
business travel, and now it's August.

I need to replace a dust boot on LR caliper.  Any tricks for this task?
 Does the piston have to come all the way out?  If the piston has to
come out, do you rotate it counterclockwise, or just force it out with
compressed air?  If I have to remove the piston, seems like I should
replace any internal seals?

I've heard of brake caliper reassembly paste; should this be used or
just lube with brake fluid?  Is there a way to refill the caliper
before trying to bleed the whole system?

Regarding bleeding the system, the brake maintenance section at 20v.org
notes that for ABS systems the following order must be used:  clutch
master cyl, brake master cyl, brake proportioning valve, RR, LR, RF,
LF, and clutch slave cyl.  I don't know where the clutch master cyl. is
(seems to me on the 4kq, the brake master cyl doubles as the clutch
master cyl), and can't seem to find the clutch slave cyl.  The slave
cyl on the 4kq is on top of the trans and just barely reachable.  Where
is it on the 90q?

Today's trauma: tightened the plastic cap on the brake fluid reservoir
and the top of it ripped away from the sides.  Never a dull moment.  By
the way, how do you remove the plastic screen insert from the
reservoir?  I've turned it, pulled it, pried it gently and it won't
come out.  I can't remove the dirty fluid in the reservoir with the
screen in.

Out of questions for now.

Bob Gregory
'84 4kq
'88 90q

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