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RE: 87 5KCSTQ and 2312 code, resolved

    Or so I thought. The car ran so much better that I thought everything was 
fixed. But still got the error code last night. Tried two different ECUs, 
same result. Today I switched the wires on the two single-wire temp sensors 
near the thermostat. No more error codes. The wires have been backwards since 
I've owned the car, because I marked them before I worked on the engine. The 
wires in the silver quat are likewise reversed.
    Now that this is resolved the car runs great with the stock ECU. Even 
goes up to 1.5 bar with the factory ECU and waste gate spring. The next step 
will be to put in the Mockry 1.6 bar spring and see if it still does well. 
Last time I used that spring the ECU kept spitting out a "no vacuum to ECU" 
error code. If that goes well I'll go ahead and install a boost gauge and 
then, finally, put the 1.8 bar ECU back in the system. Then lastly the Mockry 
1.8 bar WG spring.
    So, things are finally much looking better. It will be interesting to see 
how many of the "old" problems are going to be resolved by this one little 
item being out of sorts. Why would Audi put two wires, very similar in color, 
so close together PLUS use the same connectors on the ends of the wires? I 
would have made more sense to me to have one connector smaller than the 
other, like they do on the speakers, to prevent them getting crossed up. Must 
have been a Team Door Handle decision....;-)