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Re: Thule for 90 80Q?

Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     Some good Thule retail shops will replace equipment that is under
> warranty, like the bike shop I work at.  Thule rack equipment is very well

oh yeah, i agree.  these bars were a few years old though, and definitely out
of Thule warranty (which is 3yrs. now, but was 1 yr. then).  that's where the
L.L.Bean vitually unlimited guarantee comes in.  no questions asked, no
problem, here's your new bars...

> <snip> windshield instead of the painted roof.  It will bounce up and down
> while
> travelling at highway speeds grinding a line of dirt into the roof making a
> bad mark straight across the roof, BTDT.  Plus it was pointed out to me by

sh*t.  you mean just the way my setup is sitting on the roof of my coupe right
now.  guess i should have thought of that.  guess i know what tomorrow
morning's project is...  thanks for the wake up call...



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