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5000s Tune up time + OXS light?

    Sister's '86 5000s is in need of a tune up for sure.  It has new leads
and distributor cap+rotor from about a year ago, plugs are old.  I was
thinking about the +4 plugs for this car as well, good idea?  Needs real oil
filter and some synth oil, she got a jiffy lube job in Boston:-(  Fram
filter, yuck.  I'll run a bottle of techron before the oil change.
    The OXS light according to her had it's time running for the 30,000 mile
check up period, then it went out, then came back.  How does one pull codes
on a 5000s?  It has a fuse plug in the fuel pump relay, but where is the
test lead, or can I use an instrument cluster light to read the codes?  I am
thinking the O2 sensor may be unhappy and I would like to check the codes,
and get rid of the OXS light if possible by erasing the codes.  Idle is
fine, then slowly depress accellerator and engine sputters slightly then
jumps 20 rpm.  O2 sensor unhappy?
    Temp gauge in car works, but when the car is crusing on the highway it
doesn't register any temp.  It sits all the way to the left when cruising,
but in traffic or slow travel it rises normally.  Is this something
abnormal?  New coolant thermo a year ago.
    Under hard braking the steering wheel cocks left hard enough that it is
quite noticable.  When I did some test driving I put it through the normal
hard accel, hard stop and I really noticed the wheel position after a hard
60-0.  90 degrees to the left.  Anyone?
    I think that's it for now, I hope!

Thanks again!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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