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'86 5ktq FS

Location: Flint, Michigan

Car 1986 5000 turbo quattro
~208,000 miles on odo
Color: Light blue, almost silver (anyone know the correct name?)
The previous owner of the car is a friend of Graydon Stuckey and I.
NO badging on the trunk, trunk was repainted.
Car has black/grey inserts sport seats (unheated), ski-bag.
Car has QLCC chip and 1.8bar wastegate spring, blue Samco IC to TB hose,
intercooler endcaps have added crimps.

The current owner has had the car for about 10,000 miles but has converted
to adnoH for reasons unkown to me...

During her ownership:
Dunlop D60 A2's, Fuel injector seals replaced,  clutch master cylinder
rebuilt, heater
control valve, Front rotors and pads, Waterpump, timing belt, accessory

PO replaced the following in the last ~20,000 miles:
Koni rear shocks
Tokico front shocks
Apex  springs
Front axles rebuilt (new boots, regreased)
Front wheel bearings
Radiator (with metal endcaps)
Power antenna
Idle Stabilizer valve
Fuel pump

In the last 50,000 to 100,000 miles ago:
Turbo replaced
Steering rack rebuilt
Heater blower motor

Things that don't work:
sunroof only tilts, AC has been converted to R134 but system has a leak in
it, as noted by myself and previous owner.  Power mirrors don't function,
Power door locks don't work.

Asking $2500 OBO
contact me for more information and I will pass it on to the owner.

Thank you,

Brendan Rudack 
Fenton, MI