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Re: Looking for A4 PES supercharger comments

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From: Avram Dorfman <dorfman@est.org>
To: quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Sunday, August 08, 1999 7:28 PM
Subject: Looking for A4 PES supercharger comments

>Hey everyone out there,
>Do any of you have experience with the A42.8 PES supercharger kit? Anyone
>driven with one? Anyone installed one? If any of you can answer these
>questions, I'd appreciate it!

I have one!

>1) What do you get for 0-60 times?
Not sure as I don't wrag on my car.  But if you will, an s4 is supposed to
be real close in hp and torque, with turbo lag, so knock off about .2-.3 I'd
imagine in 0-60.  I don't like to drop my clutch from 3-4K rpm to get a real
good time.
>2) What does it do to fuel economy?
Actually improved mine.  I find I don't have to lay on the gas as hard to
get the acceleration I like now.  But it is nice to know if I do lay on it,
it can be there.
>3) How long did it take to install?
Hmmm about 8 hours I think
>4) Do dealers refuse to do warranty work if you have it?
No, but if my engine blew up they'd tell me to bark up a tree.  My dealer is
real mod friendly...even gave me a loaner while I did the install myself so
I would have transportation around town while waiting for my ECU to be
>5) Are there any discount avenues, or is the list $4995 pretty much the
>price you pay?
I bought it back when it first came it and got a small break in price.
Don't think Tony will hold that price now though.

>And finally for the subjective... Which would you rather have - an
>A42.8/PES, or an S4bt?
Overall, I didn't want to wait for the S4.  Also not to sure if I wanted or
could afford the extra payments per month.  In fht efuture, now that I have
a better job, in about 2-3 years I will get rid of my car and start looking
for an Rs4 or Rs6 provided Audi does build them.

The biggest drawback is the added noise of the supercharger....Right now I
am process of building a webpage which will address many of these questions
and others.  SO hang tight!

Rob  Andrews  -- randrews@austin.rr.com
Dell Computer Corporation -- Home Sales Division
1-800-879-3355 ext 47218

99 A4 2.8Q supercharged, Xenons, Brullen exhaust,
Eibach/Bilstein combo, and a rocking stereo.....