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Re: lights, lights, lights

In a message dated 8/8/99 6:38:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
montesawong@yahoo.com writes:

<< Actually, Blau is selling the Euro lights for $375
 EACH side!.  I spoke to the guys at Rapid parts who
 think 700-800 for the set but they'd have to dig to
 find the exact price.....

aaack!!...   i must have read it wrong on their website...  i thought they 
were $375 a pair...i was about ready to buy some!!!

well, back to my idea before...   my '86 5kT beater has some '83 down euro's 
in it. it doesnt look too bad..  if the '83 down euro's work, so would the 
'78 audi 5000, US model, which came with quad round headlights..  some 
projector beam lights would fit nicely in there...