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Re: Lights lights lights

>In a message dated 8/8/99 12:03:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>nathan.stuart@maine.edu writes:
><< I am looking for round headlights to replace my stockers, kinda like
> but I think I want to try and get three across on each side if they'll fit
> (600+w sounds good on high to me!). Does anybody know where I can order
> round light lens assemblies for a reasonable price. I am gonna fabricate
> the hardware so thats nota prob., and everythings already relayed. Also
> where to possibly get a higher voltage voltage regulator...
>  >>

I'm trying to figure out how to get a set of Hella Rallye 2000's or 3000's
mounted on my front bumper with removable brackets.  That way I can remove
them easily for aerodynamics (highway and track driving) and put them on
when I need them.  I think many rally cars use this set-up.  I'm thinking of
trying some rally race prep places like Vermont Sportscar.  But, I'm afraid
they will be too expensive for me.  I would like to make one myself, but
don't know what parts are available to do this.  Anyone have any more info.

BTW, on your lighting idea, yea, you can do it with some brakets on the
front end of your car (rally style), but remember, they are illegal to use
as headlights, so take warning.  I'm using mine to help light the back
country roads around here in wisconsin (to aide my euros).

One more note....  You will probably want to bump up to a heavier duty
alternator as well with that kind of wattage!  115 or 120 amp.

>there is a round headlight conversion made for a typ44??????

I have seen a 5ktq with '92-'98 BMW 3-series headlights before.  Self made
conversion but looked slick.  James Fawcett was the one who did it.  Very
original and nice upgrade.  James, care to comment???

I do have pics of it, but will have to dig them up if anyone wants to see
them.  You'll have to give me a few days on it.

89 200tq