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016 Gearbox answers

In a message dated 8/9/99, 2:17:42 AM, bbell@surview.com writes:
<<Problem is, there wasn't just one 016 transmission. I spent the better part
of the afternoon going through the "Family CD" and there is a multitude
(understatement) of 016 transmissions out there. Final drive ratios include
4.55:1 4.11:1 and 3.89:1 and in passing I could have sworn I saw an even
lower ratio. Most (if not all) seem to have the 3.60 first and 2.13 second
in common though I found third can be either 1.46 or 1.36 and fourth 1.07,
1.03 or 0.97 and fifth 0.86, 0.83, 0.78 and 0.73.>>

The 5000 Diesel uses the 4.55, the gasoline turbos and quattro's use the 3.89 
and the N/A cars Quattro and non use the 4:11's. This changes in 91 with the 
20V using the 4.11. The Porsche 944 turbo uses a ratio of 3.45.  The 200 20V 
gearbox has the exact same gear ratios as a 5kqt or 200q with the exception 
of the final drive.