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Re: Are Dunlop D60 A2's noisy?

Hairy green toads from Mars made only5kgt@uswest.net say:

> The question above is exactly the whole point for this time.
> I have a set mounted on my '85 Coupe. This car has a *bunch*
> of tire noise. I don't mean you can't hear the radio, but
> it's louder than any car I've had- kind of like a 4x4 on
> somewhat aggresive rubber. Yes, I've checked out the wheel
> bearings (all OK) and the driveline has been ruled out (it's
> directly proportional noise-to-speed with no change
> on-off-throttle-neutral, etc.) The size is 185-60/14 on
> stock Ronal R8s. Wheels have been balanced and tire pressure
> is 32 all around. Is this hum just due to the chassis design
> of the type 85? Or is there a quieter tire out there?

I had the D60 A2's on my 100Q for 50K miles (two sets).
Not that noisy, not so you'd complain about it.
It could be a bad tire (maybe a tread separating?)


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