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-->> 016K gearbox specs <<--


Do you happen to have the Audi part numbers for the internal 016 gears,
bearings, shims and other misc parts? I am wondering if I can cross
reference these with Porsche 944 016K transmission part numbers?

When I started to drive my new "Porsche/Audi" 016K gearbox I immediately
noticed that there is literally zero ratio gap between second, third and
fourth. Making for huge smiles. Biggest gap comes to play when shifting
into fifth. You really must redline it in fourth to keep the powerband
on when shifting into fifth gear, otherwise it really feels like an overdrive.
My 1987 944 Porsche has a 016K 5S gearbox.

Specs copied from the Factory Porsche 6 volume set manuals...

Technical Data
1987 Porsche 944 gearbox
Type   Code  Installed in cars for
016K   5S    5-Speed without limited slip
016K   7V    5-Speed with limited slip - 40%
1987 Porsche 944S (16valve) gearbox
With the exception of a few modifications in its design and as regards
repair the 083 D Transmission is the same as the 016 R turbo transmission.

The most important modifications are:
- no transmission-oil pump is available
- final drive ratio increased to 3.889:1
- transmission casing with machined recess for ring gear
- design distance "Ro" 58.15mm

Type   Code  Installed in cars for
083 D  AGP   Worldwide
083 D  AGR   Worldwide (with limited slip)
1989/90/91 944S2 (16valve 3.0 ltr)
Type   Code  Installed in cars for
083 F  AOS   5-Speed without lock worldwide except Switzerland
083 F  A0T   5-Speed with lock worldwide except Switzerland
083 F  ASV*  5-Speed without lock Switzerland
083 F  ASW*  5-Speed with lock Switzerland
*with transmission enclosing and additional oil cooler

Transmission 083 F is the same in design and repairing procedures as the
944 S transmission 083 D.

The most important modifications are:
- longer 5th gear 0.778:1
- final drive ratio 3.875:1
- design distance "Ro" = 59.65mm
- stronger differential

General Data  5 Speed Manual Transmissions
Ratios      016J/016K    083D (AGP/AGR)
1st gear    3.6000:1     3.500:1
2nd gear    2.1250:1     2.059:1
3rd gear    1.4583:1     1.400:1
4th gear    1.0714:1     1.034:1
5th gear    0.7297:1     0.829:1
reverse     3.5000:1     3.500:1

Final drive 3.889:1

For all purposes, the unlisted 951 (944 turbo) has the 016R transmission
and has the same ratios as the 083 D or 083 F in the 944S and S2. (I
don't have those manuals). Some of the 951 016R transmissions came with
an optional external loop cooler and with limited slip. I wonder how
many parts from an Audi FWD 016 gearbox can work with a 016K 944 gearbox
or visa versa?


Thompson Smith        http://www.thompsonsmith.com/200.jpg
1987 Porsche 944 / 1989 Audi quattro avant "S6"  GMR/PCA