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Re: TT to the Glen, nice report, welcome to 2WD.

*The first track session was a real handful. 

 *Big time trouble!  The car wanted to swap ends in a big way. 

 *Any even-slightly-stupid maneuver whatsoever is all
it would take. 

* Trail braking almost rotated me around.  I scared myself in turn 11*I 
conclude that the TT is competitive. 

*I conclude that the TT is competitive.  I have room for more speed as I get 
more familiar with it.

*  The biggest problem with the TT on the track is the FWD traction
(or lack thereof) in the corners

      These are the type of things I was talking about when I commented last 
week about getting a rear drive sports car so I could improve my driving 
skills and not be donned falsly talented by the fact that the car is the 
reason I am getting around the track well.