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RE: FOG/High Beams

On the contrary, I feel that when using the high beams is one of the best 
times to use fog lights.  They fill the road right in front of your car and 
help fill in below the high beams.  This creates a total field of vision 
from the end of the high beams right to the front of the car.    When 
four-wheeling I add pencil beams and some area flood lights to the mix.

As to the fog lights distracting other drivers, surely the high beams would 
be more distracting, and if fog lights are aimed correctly (down and low) 
then they can't blind anyone since the beam is totally below oncoming 
traffic's line of sight.

Incidentally, I'm one of those in the country on narrow two lane roads with 
big ditches and trees alongside and need to see Bambi jumping from the side 
of the road types.

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro