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Monterey Caravan???

OK, I've been away for about two weeks so I don't know if this was discussed
while I was gone, but thought I'd bring it up.  So, how is everyone getting
out to Monterey.  I live in Wisconsin and plan on driving.  I want to be
there on Wednesday evening.  The wash and wax session and day rally is on
Thursday.  I was planning on leaving Monday the 23rd or maybee Sunday the
22nd.  I figure it will be a three day drive out there from here, but could
make it in two.

What is everyone from mid-west and east coast planning on doing.  I saw the
Quattro Club caravan planned and it just seems like it is a little too much
"stopping to smell the flowers" for me.  I just want to get out there.
Anyone else want to plan a seperate caravan with me (much like we did for
Pikes Peak)???  We need to talk about this.  I'd really prefer driving in a
caravan.  BTW, I just bought a new CB!!!!  :)

One more question....  Is anyone else entering thier car in the Concours d'
Italiano on Friday???  I would like to, but I don't want to do it if no one
else is going to do it.

89 200tq