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Re: Important FYI for I5 timing belt changes...

In a message dated 8/9/99 4:34:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, de@aztek-eng.com 

<< >I just replaced my water pump on my 83 ur-q last weekend to get rid of a
 >leak and noise at idle.  Well, the new pump got rid of the leak, but the
 >noise is still there.  If you find the source of your noise  please let us
 >know. [ ... ]
 The idler is another common source of these kinds of belt noises. It
 is typically replaced along with the belt and pump. It also sometimes
 happens that a replacement water pump has a shaft slightly longer
 than the original which then rubs in an annoying way against the
 inside of the belt cover. I don't recall whether these possibilities were
 covered in the original post.

i just replaced the idler pulley and waterpump, and timing belt on my '86 5kT 
too.   the idler pulley's bearings were shot, and it was noisy as hell.   now 
that its replaced, my car is quiet again!!!  ;<)