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Re: Duosound? 8-inch speakers...

In a message dated 08/10/1999 06:08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
gerard@poboxes.com writes:

> Hi!
>  I have made up my mind to purchase a used Blaupunkt Toronto
>  RDM-126 CD head unit (instead of a more "wanted" Kenwood
>  unit) and also some JBL and Pioneer speakers for the 200.
>  One thing has me worried though. I looked into the Haynes
>  manual and it mentions a "duosound" item taking a signal
>  from the head unit. What is this thing?
>  Also, any idea on how to fit 8-inch speakers into the factory
>  holes under the rear shelf? I look at the rear speakers
>  yesterday and saw they are not mounted to the rear parcel
>  shelf, but to the metal under it instead. They're currently
>  6 inch or 6.5 inch units and they are fitted into prepared
>  holes for the magnet and the mounts.
>  Thanks. :)
>  G.
>  1990 200 MC FWD auto (subframe go dis way den dat way den dis way...)

The duosound item is that little box mounted on the back that has the 
headphone jacks on either side.  I believe it only works with a stock radio, 
but if you are putting a Blaupunkt in you may still be able to use it.  I 
just disconnected it... Have no need for it.

The speaker mounting problem is where you can get creative.  I am not sure if 
you are willing to cut your car, but the metal in the rear deck is fairly 
soft, you could just enlarged the holes in the metal. I prefer to use the 
stock speaker covers but you could cut the fiberboard as well and use the 
after market grill covers....   One of the things you can do for ideas is 
pick up one of the car audio magazines....