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Re: Boating with an S4


I liked your story..

It saddens me to see a great car like an S6 in the hands of some little
rich kid who could care less about the vehicle.  These cars are should be
taken care of and cherished --just like any expensive asset.

This is a real good example of how some folks take their stuff for granted.
I'm not making a 'sweeping' generalization here, but I get angry when I see
nice vehicles that aren't maintained and taken care of properly.   It
doesn't matter what type of vehicle it is either-- S4/6s, Range Rovers, BMW
540is-- I see a myriad of these cars in downtown Boston every day -- with
brake dust permanently caked on their rims and bird-shit and sap ruining
the paint.  They don't care--they just run the cars down and get a new one
every other year.

It's a waste-- and it's a shame!

As someone else on the List always says-- 'just my $.02'

85 4KSQ
82 VW Cabriolet
97 Landcruiser