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Re: Starting problem

At 10:45 PM 09/08/99 -0400, Huw Powell wrote:

>I would think you'd be better off just turning it a hair - like 1/6 of a
>turn - CW - that's to richen it unless I'm completely lost - just a tiny
>bit will richen the open loop mixture and will probably be enough.  1/6
>of a turn is a quite a lot on this system.

Did you know: 
On a 4000 with CIS-E, if you remove what you think is the 'spare' fuse (But
really is the fuse for the CIS-E! Only took me two weeks to figure that
out..) you *can* get the car to run (sort of).
If you crank the little adjustment screw a bit rich, the motor may start,
but run like crap. Then you lean it out a bit to go driving. 
As Hew says, it does not take much adjustment to change the setting. And
having taken the whole metering unit part to find out why it would not work
(when it was really the fuse all along..), I found that  the adjustment
screw *will* come out if you unscrew it.

However, as above you can drive the car (I guess you'd be running in a
purely 'mechanical injection' mode then), but it really runs like crap. But
at last it runs....


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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