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Re: HIDs-Long

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999 00:02:51 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:

>In message <4.1.19990809104551.00fbd7e0@mail.teleport.com> Scott Mockry writes:
>> Sensors determine to what extent the front and rear axles are spring
>> deflected. The controller determines the load condition from the
>> difference. The multi-purpose instrument transmits the speed signal to the
>> controller for light span adjustment. This is how it recognizes the moving
>> condition. Then the servo motors adjusts the headlamps to achieve optimum
>> illumination of the road."
>Judging from the condition of most of the ten-year-old axle-driven
>brake compensation valves I see, some of us are going to be blinded
>on a regular basis a decade or so from now.

I believe we may be looking at yet another case of progress for the sake
of progress.  I certainly hope HID illumination will turn out to be an
improvement worth the trouble and expense of the special high voltage
power source and tightly controlled beam pattern (And continuous
height adjustment for God's sake!) Why has every car component become
a bleeding "system" these days?

Maybe it will turn out that the pattern can be a bit more relaxed so that
in the coming years we're not going to be faced with expensive adjuster
system repairs, hazards from broken ones as you foresee, Phil - I wish
it was a joke - and the danger of hazards hidden by super-sharp cutoff
lamps while driving in the twisties at night. A more pessimistic vision
is the development of the radar directed, computer controlled Real-time
Illuminatiuon and Road Surface Acquisition Module or RIRSAM.
Bosch will probably get $3,500US each for those, HID illumination
systems not included.

On the hopeful side, the marketplace seems to be able to cleanse itself of
bonehead product ideas over time. (Insert your pet peeve here. I choose
daytime running lights on anything other than motorcycles or maybe
the door-fixed, auto-strangling seat belts from Dorf Motor Co. both of
which are mercifully on their way out.)

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq