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Re: Duosound? 8-inch speakers...

I had recently replaced my back speakers with Blaupunkt 6" and am running
a Blaupunkt(I think it is an Los Angeles).  I chose to run new lines as
the speakers are running off of this new radio. Screwed the Duosound.
I'll put in my Soundstream amp later(lazy).
Onsale.com is selling the Blaupunkt component systems for around $30-40
(at the close of auction). I picked up two sets.
I was tempted to put some 8" speakers but too lazy again.  Musical
speakers might be ok but most are 8-ohm.
Then the temptation to use subs. The only thing is that they would have
to be free air because of the volume of the trunk.
You have to enjoy it later so do what you want.

Gerard wrote:

> Hi!
> I have made up my mind to purchase a used Blaupunkt Toronto
> RDM-126 CD head unit (instead of a more "wanted" Kenwood
> unit) and also some JBL and Pioneer speakers for the 200.
> One thing has me worried though. I looked into the Haynes
> manual and it mentions a "duosound" item taking a signal
> from the head unit. What is this thing?
> Also, any idea on how to fit 8-inch speakers into the factory
> holes under the rear shelf? I look at the rear speakers
> yesterday and saw they are not mounted to the rear parcel
> shelf, but to the metal under it instead. They're currently
> 6 inch or 6.5 inch units and they are fitted into prepared
> holes for the magnet and the mounts.
> Thanks. :)
> G.
> 1990 200 MC FWD auto (subframe go dis way den dat way den dis way...)