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Re: Boating with an S4

> In fact, it probably states in the manual that you shouldn't attempt to tow 
> with the vehicle.

Well for the 90 200, there are _two_ pages on towing.
There isn't that much difference with the S4.

> One can easily find several small pickups for sale in any given area of the 
> country all the time.  I could probably go out and buy a dozen right now, 
> all for under $1000 each.  It also very easy to find used F150s of late 70's 
> vintage for under $500--at least here in the NW.

My Chevy S-10 has a 2000 lb limit.  The 200 manual states a 2000 lb limit
for a braked trailer.

> Please don't try to tow with a sports car!  Would choose an MGB over a 27' 
> U-Haul van when you moved?

In Europe, where there used to be (still is?) a significant lack of pickups,
guess what gets used for towing.  The family sedan of whatever type.
There are some that would say the 200s at least make great tow cars...