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which motor mounts?


Over a year ago I had my motor and tranny mounts replaced in my
1990 200. Units were new, but can't recall the exact part number.
They were marked with a green dot below (I will do some searching
to get the correct number). Didn't buy them from the dealers.

Anyway, I think the front end of the 200 is about to fall out
completely. I just dug up the 2 old mounts to get the original
part number to reference to TPC website before asking Rod for
pricing. Surprise surprise the 2 original units are different!!!
I only noticed this now.

They are identical except that one of them is thicker around
the mounting holes. It is as if the one has a integrated spacer
where it hooks up to the body of the car. The metal on the one
where the bolt hole is is just about 10mm thick, the other is

The part numbers listed on these are as follow.

For the one with no "spacer":

		443 199 381C = 443 199 382 (green marking)

For the one with the "spacer":

		443 199 379
		brown marking and text "B = braun" so I guess
		443 199 379B
		Also text "F = orange", but I reckon the colour
		is reddish brown.

Both numbers are from the underside of the mount. On the rubber
parts there are more numbers. The one with the spacer shows one
of the numbers to be the 382 part, but lettering indicates for a
green mark underneath.

TPC show the 382 for both sides of 89-91 200 and left side of
84-88 5k and right side of 85-88 5k. 431 199 382K for right side
for 80-85 5k up to VIN 44-F-000236. There is no 431 number on either
side of these mounts.

I am thoroughly confused. Can anyone help here? These mounts are
the originals from the car. They are definitely 2 different units,
even though on the upper rubber side the first number is
443 199 381C on both units but the colour marking on the bottom is
different and the mount holes as well.

Just exactly what we got in this country is beyond me!

If anyone can help me, let me know if you'll need the VIN of the

The engine in the 200 is definitely sitting too high. The hood
padding is scuffing on the motor top. Car "lunges" forward a bit
when starting it sometimes (in Park, foot on brake).


1990 200 FWD auto (shift shift wobble wobble)