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Re: Clunking Q

Or is this the normal noise of the CV joints adjusting to their new
extreme positions?

---Andrew Duane USG <duane@hunch.zk3.dec.com> wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Levis-Fithian, Jeff E say:
> > My 95 A6Q is making a strange, not too loud clunking noise when I
turn the
> > steering wheel sharply to the left at slow speeds (when I'm
pulling into/out
> > of a parking space usually).  The clunk is not too strong and I
can just
> > barely feel it through the steering wheel.  Any ideas what this
might be?  I
> > plan on looking under the car this weekend for possible causes but
> > wondering where I should even start.  Is it possible some
suspension bit is
> > loose?  Tie rod? etc?
> I had that for some time on my old 100Q. It is (I think) a basic sign
> of aging suspension components on the front wheels.
> I had some work done and it seemed to fix it, I think a front tie rod.
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