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Another Caravan to Monterey

Hey q-heads,

  Just a quick post to see if anyone is interested in a Wednesday the 
25th- morning(5-6ish) departure from Colorado Springs to Monterey.
We'll be driving I-70 through Grand Junction to Utah, then highway
6 through Price then Provo up to I-80 West. Then I-80 all the way
through Nevada, stay the night in Reno(if we can make it that far)
then the remaining miles Thursday morning on I-80 into San Fran
or somewhere close and down to Monterey. 
At this time, it is just a friend and myself from Colorado Springs each 
driving our own vehicles. We plan on making decent time due to the
late departure so if anyone's interested, you're welcome to tag along.
Return to Colorado will be done Monday morning (30th) taking our
time as both of us have to be at work Wed. morning. I'm interested to
hear other's plans on getting there. Maybe a hookup point of some 
sort along the way? Let me know,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq-do you really want to know:-)
and following/leading a '99.5 A4tq with a few tweeks;-)