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Coolant reservoir (was Re: typ44 questions...again :<)


Well, untill about 3 years ago, the Audi non-phosphate coolant was green as
well!  Now it's a reddish color.  Many other coolant types are
"extended-life" now.... in fact, just about all of them are!  And they are
red, pink, orange, etc.  But, I have heard some talk that by extending the
life, you decrease some of the cooling power.  Not sure if it's true, but I
flush my coolant (as I did this weekend) every 2 years anyways, so I figured
I'd use the standard stuff.

I used Sierra anti-freeze (which is phosphate free and less harmfull to pets
and the environment) mixed with distilled water.  50/50 mix.  Sierra is
still green.  Not sure what others still are as well, but most of them seem
to be red or pink now.

89 200tq

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>>Good morning Dan,
>>Why GREEN?  It is supposed to be ORANGE or Audi BLUE.  NON-PHOSPHATE