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RE: V8Q or 200 TQ rear suspension or 20V


Do you know if Eibach do anything? I think I may have got the 200 TQ bit wrong, I think it's the 20V that has the rear roll bar, DUH. Will try to have a look at the family pictures myself over lunch. If I get any pictures I will forward them on to you.



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		I am too!
		The 200QT 20V Avant 1990 don't have a rear roll bar.
		The later S4 have. Just asked this morning the possibilty
		af an aftermarked rear roll bar.
		The provision for this is not the same acording to the family CD.
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		Subject: V8Q or 200 TQ rear suspension

		>Hi fellow listers,
		>Could someone be kind enough to e.mail me a couple of pictures of the rear
		suspension on either of these cars. I am particularly interested in the rear
		roll bar setup.