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RE: 'the boomerang'


I was looking for a system like this last winter and spoke to Mobile Track 
(spelling could be wrong) located in Calgary.  They told me their system 
wasn't available in Canada yet and that know other company offered this 
kind of service. Something about satellite locations being to low see or 
read the horizon - whatever that means.

If you've got a lead on something would you mind sharing it?  Greatly 


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Any Canucks have this system in their car?  Anti-theft
device, ~$800 cdn.  I suppose you could call it a 'passive'
device in that it doesn't do anything to stop the theft, but
the car can be located within a 'few yards' after the fact
using cell phone technology, i.e. satellites.  Seems to me
that a thief could easily figure out where it was installed
in the car and disable it, unless each car had a 'custom'
install so that it could be placed anywhere.  Must work like
a beacon on planes that go down enabling searchers to find
it (unless they sink to the bottom of the ocean).  From what
I understand (and they are pretty secretive about how it
works), after a theft you call and give your personalized
number, the module is activated via phone, and 'they' zoom
in on the location.  Doesn't work if the car is in a steel
box, i.e. cargo container on a ship :)  Perhaps this is
available elsewhere? If so, comments would be welcome.  It's
a 'Brave New World.'

Geo - down to two probs on the 5kq.  Think I'll stop fixin'
for awhile.  Time to smell the flowers.