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Re: Boating with an S4

Towing with an S4 (or any turbo quattro for that matter) is no big deal.  A
personal watercraft is nothing!  I wouldn't call that abusive.  I knew a guy
who used to tow a Mazda RX7 to the SCCA races with his 5000TQW and another I
know tows his fishing boat up to Canada all the time with his 5KTQ.

Proper Class II or III trailer is important as well as proper installation.
Da'Lan hitches I hear are best for Audis.

There are a few S4's here in town and I've seen 2 or 3 of them with hitches.
Towing lightweight boats is quite common here with all the lakes nearby.
Careful operation is the key.  This guy obviously made a mistake as anyone
could (wet foot on brake), but his real mistake was not to take the tow
driver's advice and wait for the crane.  Not only was he still late but had
several thousand dollars worth of damage to a beautiful car.  No excuse for

One more note....  Enough of the rich kid in his 20's stuff!!!!  I just
about bought an S4 last month and if two incidents hadn't happened to my 200
requiring body work, I might have been able to sell it and put enough down
to afford it myself.  But, the big reason was my 200 is paid for.  S4 would
require payments.  But, I could have afforded it!  People are always quick
to give someone driving an S4 shit, but I see kids much younger than I every
day driving new Tahoes or Grand Cherokees or Accord V6 Coupes, etc.  Maybee
they seem plain, but in many cases they are more expensive than a used S4.
Let's give him a break!  Would you say the same about me if I were making
monthly payments on an S4????  I hope not.

89 200tq