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 Last weekend I fixed my odometer (white gear) by following the instructions
what I found in the list archive, so thank you for the someone who wrote
that (can't remember, 1 or 2 months old post).

 After packing in my gauges it looks ok, but when I replaced the little
spring (spiral as we call it in Hungary) it deformed a little. Nothing
serious, maybe 1 or 2 mm, but because parts are so small in this part of my
car I worry that I might messed thigs up. 

 I believe that it is nearly impossible to pry this little spring and
replace it back without a minimal deformation.

 So I was thinking how could I check if my speedometer readings are correct.
There is the good old procedure to go with a constant speed and measure the
time in a given length, but as far as I know speedometers show more speed
than your real speed is. It is set in the factory this way.

Soooo... I thought some of you might help me, by doing a little experiment.
Just put your car into a gear and go by 2000 or 3000 rpm and tell me what
gear you were in, what rpm was on your gauge and what speed your speedometer
showed. Then I do the same and will compare the speed with the data you gave
to me.

Whay do you think, will it work?

My car is a '83 Audi 80 Quattro with 2.2 NA engine (138 HP).