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Re: Re: 2.5 L I-5


Can you offer any information about what (else) is required to use 
the EV crank to build a stroker Audi I5?  I remember you did some 
R&D into this some time ago, right?

What of these rods and pistons that are necessary for this swap?  
The Audi 2.0l 4 banger internals are definitely required?  I thought 
the Audi 4 cylinder was the same dimensionally as a 4 cylinder, 
only less the one cylinder (and crank "timing" or whatever).

I wonder what the driveability of a converted 2.5l would be like.  I'm 
unfamiliar with the effects of increasing stroke.

Anyone know what the resultant compression ratio would be after 
stroking the motor in this manner?

Also, where was that reply?  I missed the reply you're quoting 


ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 8/11/99, 10:37:13 AM, vw-audisport@worldnet.att.net writes:
> <<We have a 2.5 here in the US-its hiding in the VW Eurovans. I've heard that
> VW will also offer this in the New Beelte in Europe, they don't get the 1.8t
> like we did. You can use the Ev motor, although it is 16mm taller than the
> current block. You can also use its 92.8mm crank along with the rods &
> pistons from a Audi 2.0 4 cyl in your existing block to increase it's>>
> The eurovan uses a 95.5mm stroke...
> Scott