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RE: Clutch master cylinder

> When I converted the auto to a 5 speed on my 5Ks we used the 
> master out of a 
> VW Quantum...  We had to pop the clip ring out and swap the 
> shaft that 
> connects to the clutch pedal (different lengths) and drill 
> the threads out of 
> the cylinder body to attach it to the Audi pedal assembly, 
> but it works 
> fine...  (We were in a pinch, because it was Sunday and there 
> were no part 
> stores open)...
> It's probably not the most 'sound' solution, but it is 
> working fine for me 
> right now...

... I did exactly the same thing when a dealer sold me the wrong part for my
'88 5kCSQA on a Friday and I was doing the M/C job on a weekend ... frankly
I don't think there is anything unsound about it at all ... I'm sure that's
what they did at the factory when they went from the firewall mounted M/C to
the one on the "subframe" ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)