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Springs for S6

Igor and others

Here is my 2 cents on the various S6s I've gotten to drive through work. 
All of the following cars have 17" wheels with 45 series tires.

Alan Tackmans old killer S6 avant.  Hoppen springs and Konis yellows.  Rode
very very hard.  he had the Konis set to KILL for the One Lap of America
Race.  Too hard for everday use in my opinion.  Before he sold it I brought
it home and wound the Konis down to full soft.  A new car.  Very good ride
quality and still a great handler.

Another S6, same Joe Hoppen (ABT?) springs but with Bilstien HDs.  Very
very good. better than Konis even at full soft for broken pavement etc. 
But a nice taught ride.  Very good.  And my choice.  I prefer the Bilstiens
over the Konis.

Too bad the Hoppen springs cost the most.  By far.

Greg Amis' '91 200.  H&Rs with Bilstein Sports.  Also with 17s and 45s. 
This car rides far too well for low springs and 45 series tires.  It has a
better ride than my '88 5ktq with Konis ands all seasons!  

All of the above cars handle very well, feel nice and tight etc.  My vote
goes to Bilsteins over Konis, the H&Rs feel every bit as good as the ABTs,
but I never drove an S6 with H&Rs, I base this on similar suspensions and

One note,  We've never and I mean never had a lowered S6 in the shop that
hadn't pounded the crossmember that passes under the exhaust into the
exhaust.  They've all done it.  Some have scraped the heat shielding off
the downpipe that leads into the cats.  That pipe is $850 plus labor!