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RE: Red Line Oil


Funny old world, I am just going through the same thing with my Coupe Q, I contacted Red Line over here in the UK and spoke with a very helpful guy called Gavin (01476 861195). He recommended using the 75/90NS in the gearbox. In the diff you can use either the 75/90NS or plain 75/90. I am still trying to decide whether to use Redline or Castrol TAF-X (for the gearbox) a couple of people I know have used the TAF-X with great results. Although I think changing the oils is a good thing to do whichever you go for. Oh by the way Redline do have quite a good website www.redlineoil.com <http://www.redlineoil.com> 



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		Hi everyone.
		Allow me to introduce my self.
		My name is Tom Sutan and recently bought an 86 4KCSQ from the 1st owner.
		Im going thru all the fluids now, but have a question regarding center and 
		rear diff oil replacement on which grade to use. 75/90, 75/90NS, 80/140 ?
		BTW im going to use MTL for the tranny.
		Please give me some pros and cons.
		thanks in advance.