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Re: Re: Boating with an S4

Just to add another data point (I told myself I was not going to get
involved with this thread), I have a Da'Lan class 1 hitch on the
5KCSTQ, and have had for the last several years.  I regularly tow the
racebike and all the gear that goes along with racing, maybe 1000#'s
with no problems.

I've even towed 2 bikes and gear from Boston to Daytona with no
problem on several occasions.  The car is a great tow vehicle, if it
is done right.

Paul Luevano		|  AMA #418487	|'99 CBR 600F4  (Racebike)
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Waltham, MA USA		|  NMA #116657	|'87 5KCSTQ     (Winter)
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