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One of my Audis is still looking for a new home,
Insurance premium is $300 so I dropped the price that amount, come on, 
someone save me the paper work of reregistering and insuring!
86 5KTQ, platinum on blk sport int.170K miles, good overall shape with lots 
of receipts.
>Done; brakes all around, struts all around,
starter, alt, tbelt, waterpump, aux pump &
hoses, radiator, PS Pump & Rack, AC comp,
tie rods, MC, front 1/2 shafts, fuel tank &
pump, all filters, battery and more.
Car has CD, phone, 1.8 bar WG spring, trailer
hitch, alarm.  New A6 rims and tires, Fuchs available.
All electricals work including seat heat, ABS
intermittant.  Car runs very, very well.
$2,900 as it sits but am open depending
on wheel tire combo, radio, hitch etc.car is in Portland Maine, often in NH.
email me or call @ work 1 800 452 8762
Mike Del Tergo
81 UrQ, 86 5KTQ x 2

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