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Subject: hard shifting 200 qw

Dave Michael wrote:
<Recently, the shift from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd has become much harder
<and "clunkier" on my 200 qw.
<This was not a gradual change - it started doing this on Friday. It feels
<like the syncros are blocking the shift.
<thanks, Dave, 1990 200 qw 153000
We just went through this on the 200q20v list; here's a couple condensed 
posts that might help.
In a message dated 8/11/99 3:50:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time, copley@snet.net 
> Patient: 1991 200 tqwagon, 117k miles
>  Symptom:  Increasingly difficult to shift into first gear.
>  Diagnosis: Worn Shifter Relay Rod & Bushing
>  Procedure: Replace shifter relay shaft and bushing
>  Part #'s:  431711429B  (rod)   431711221 (bushing)
>  Cost:   Parts $ 50.00, Diagnosis/Labor Cost:  2 hours
>  Summary:  Noticeable difference in shifts, less play in shifter.
>  Paul Krumins

Here's two related posts from my archives that might be of interest...
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:00:34 -0500
From: Dave Head <dhead@sundial.net>
Subject: Re:shift boot - warning + shifty behavior solved

I did find that my 1-2 shifting problem was the same thing Mr. Martin had
found over 6 months ago on his tq - the front selector arm ball socket had
worn out, allowing the selector arm to drop down over the ball. The ball
socket and seal washer are replaceable (procedure in Bentley), and even more
importantly - available. Mine are on order.

I would highly recommend anyone doing a clutch job to inspect this and add
it in. For those in the 200K mile range, expect this problem to occur,
especially with lots of in town driving. If you suddenly find your car
refusing to shift into 1st or 2nd without significant left force application
(LHD only, Phil) - its easy to check. Get under the car, locate the arm
assembly (top left forward on tranny under the steering rack) and try
lifting it up...

If you need the part numbers let me know. You can also buy the entire arm
with the new parts fitted.
 ---2---------------------------(for an older type 44q; likely identical to 
the '91 200q20v)
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 01:03:51 -0800
From: "Frank J. Bauer" <frankbauer@thevine.net>
Subject: (long/dhow); was: Round two: Shift bushings and short shift.

At 12:28 AM 3/31/99 -0500, Otto M Bartsch wrote:
>Am I really the only 5spd quattro owner who has problems with his shifter
>bushings and/or wants a shorter throw on the shifter? No replies yet...
>Does anyone know where I can get a kit to rebuild the shifter? I would
>like one that has all the bushings etc I need to replace, but in the
>alternative, what parts do I need to get to do this? Also, does anyone
>make a short throw shift kit for these cars? I have a 50% reduction in my
>GTI. Compared to that it seems like I have to reach into the back seat to
>get the next gear! Thanks.

there is no such kit.
i made up my own kit by studying the fiche & bentley and ordering all the
consumable items.
not sure how much of my 86tqw translates to your 85 4kq or any other
5-speed q's, but here goes:

i made a short shift kit by changing the lever on the selector shaft to a
later model part (shorter lever, shortens fore-aft travel) and
refabricating the mounting point for a ball stud on the shiftrod to make it
stand about 1/2 inch higher (making the effective lever length longer,
shortens left-right travel.)
hard to explain without the parts in front of you.
the later/shorter selector shaft lever is 857 711 181B and it was about $50.
i had a welding shop make the mods to the shift rod for $20 or so.

here are the rebuild parts for a type 44q:
part number   pg itm  description                         qty   msrp
431 711 079A  61 1    guide for shift lever                1   $6.90 
431 711 133C  61 3    gearshift rod stop                   1   $3.55 
431 711 133D  61 4    gearshift rod stop                   1   $2.90 
447 711 167   61 7    rubber boot (shiftrod)               1  $21.35 
171 711 217   61 18   bush                                 1   $1.20 
431 711 221   61 20   ball socket (shift rod)              2   $3.55 
431 711 223A  61 22   bushing (shift lever guide)          1   $2.45 
823 711 255   61 29   shift guide (shift lvr/pushrod)      1   $2.90 
447 711 279A  61 33   rubber bushing (pushrod)             1   $2.20 
803 711 279E  61 36   ball socket (adj rod)                2   $2.50 
823 711 279A  61 40   rubber ring/guide (shft lvr/pushrod) 1   $6.25 
447 711 283A  61 42   bracket (pushrod)                    1  $23.10 
447 711 393   61 47   cover plate, shift lever             1   $3.35 
823 711 643A  61 57   lower ball half (shift lvr/pushrod)  1   $4.00 

for those of you who live in fear of supercession, i have included the
fiche lookup numbers for the rebuild parts...
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q20v with 117k-old shifter bushings...