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Re: Wide tires

wow!  I had 12" inchers on my wrangler, & that actually handled
extremely well.  I guess I was picturing 10" wide x 31" tall!  (maybe
for a rallyer..?)

Don Muirhead wrote:
> Actually, I believe Mike Hopton had 10" or maybe they were 12" on his
> Coupe.  Seems to me it's posted on the Web somewhere but since I'm older
> again today I can't remember where.  Perhaps someone without the early
> signs of Alzheimer's can enlighten you.
> Don..
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> Subject:        Wide tires
> Wholly sheet!  10" wide tires!  You're joking, right?  Or is this a
> trans-am series race car?  Lowrider?
> You won't get tires that wide w/o serious modifications to body &
> suspension.  & believe me, you don't want 10" tires.  But wider wheel &
> tire combos are definitely possible as I'm sure other listers can
> recommend what they have on theirs.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-upgrade, there are obvious benefits to
> that.  I stuck with stock because of:
> Cost: my stock 15" on my 5kcstq are "free", and the tires cheaper than
> larger sizes.
> Durability: I commute about 70mi+ per day, so size doesn't matter here.
> All-weather: smaller diameter wheels w/tires that have larger aspect
> ratio do better in snow, and since I ski & snowboard...
> Comfort: larger aspect ratio usually translates into nicer ride (at the
> cost of road feel)
> Weight: this combo weighs less than a larger combo, thereby reducing
> unsprung weight, allowing your suspension to do a better job.
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