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RE: Ron's Oil Q's

Just for clarity, if it's the "tri-synthetic" I've seen advertised on TV,
it's actually Mobil 1.  Beyond this I know nothing.  It seems a bit like the
Plus 4 platinum plugs:  If 4 electrodes are better than one, then
three-synthetics must be better than one, right??  :-)


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>>Mr. Ron Wainwright <ron_01056@yahoo.com> asked:
>>>  While driving to my local parts guy for my religious 3k oil+filter
>>> change(Mann filter by the way $3.00) i walked to go grab the usual
>>> 15W-50(synthetic $26.00) and came across this 
>>[Tri-synthetic 15W oil]
>>> asked the guy what Tri meant told me it had more oil stuff in it(or
>>> something) can anybody set me straight on that?
>>Easy.  Doesn't matter what snake oil claims it has, don't use 
>>it.  Use 
>>synthetic but stick with Mobil 1, Amsoil or RedLine.  For the price, 
>>use Mobil 1.  All the rest are johnny-come-latelies and they don't 
>>know half what those three manufacturers do about synthetics. 
>>> Whell iv'e noticed some
>>> fluid(unknown) leaking under my differential(quattro) whill 
>>driving id'e
>>> churn through the gears and noticed that my rpm's would 
>>climb but the car
>>> was'nt, meaning that the car was'nt going as fast as the 
>>rpm's were, felt
>>> like the tranny is slippin but my question is no oil goes 
>>in the tranny
>>> rite? 
>>Comments - 
>>1)  You need to find out what's leaking.  Look at it and 
>>sniff it.  Gear 
>>oil has a distinctive musty smell and is differential (front drive 
>>mechanism). Automatic transmission fluid is reddish.  Engine oil 
>>which has been run will be gold to black.  
>>20  I've never owned an Audi manual, so I'm not sure whether they 
>>use gear oil or ATF in the manual tranny.  But they DO use oil.  ALL 
>>transmissions use oil.  Whether it's gear oil or ATF is the issue.
>>do i have a leak in the center diff... What seals are down there, 
>>Who knows?  You can find out.  LOOK for the leak.  Trace drips.  
>>Sniff the oil to see if it's gear oil.  Low gear oil will 
>>COOK your final 
>>drive faster than you can believe.  Do NOT let the level go 
>>unchecked.  Take it to someone who knows VW and Audi and have 
>>them check the differential/FWD level, as it sounds like you may not 
>>be in a position to do so.
>>> my
>>> brake warning light has been comming on i need to replace the master
>>> Replaced my rotors and pads 2-months ago the warning lite 
>>came on re:blead
>>> the brakes rear first then front then re:did the one rear 
>>felt good for a
>>> couple of days (200miles) then felt like pressure 
>>dropped(ABS) then this
>>> any ideas as to my next progect? Any help would be greatlly 
>>> have the bibles (Bentley manuals) 
>>Disregard the brake situation and find out if you have a bad "bomb". 
>> (Hydraulic pressure reservoir.)  Start the car, wait till 
>>light goes out, 
>>stab the brakes hard about six to ten times in quick succession while 
>>the car idles.  If the brake light comes on, your bomb is bad.  Takes 
>>only about 45 minutes and $250 (do it yourself) to replace it.  
>>If your bomb is good, THEN start looking further into the brakes.  
>>Typical failure with your symptoms is the bomb, not the brakes.
>>Al Powell
>>1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder "Transformabile"
>>1983 Datsun 280ZXT
>>1990 Audi 200