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Re: Timing Belt - Water Pump Speciality Tools

Hi Gregory;

    I assume you've got the I-5 engine.
    I did this job without the special tools, so they are not absolutely
essential, but they will make the job easier, safer, and (most importantly)
more enjoyable.
    If you only buy one tool, get the crank pulley locking tool VAG 2084.
    If you plan to do the crankshaft (oil pump) seal, I heartily recommend
the seal puller tool VAG 3203 - it may save you hours of cussing and
fretting trying to remove the by now fatally damaged oil seal without
terminally scarring the crankshaft seating surface (BTDT).
    The torque wrench extension VAG 2079 is nice to have but you can make do
with a 3/4" drive socket and Johnson bar or a large 3/4" drive torque
wrench. Be sure to use 330 ft.lbs. with this set-up - the Bentley torque
figure assumes the torque multiplying effect of tool 2079.
    You really don't need the idler pulley removal tool VAG 3034 - you can
cobble something up yourself to do this. There are several posts in the
archives describing home-made tools for this purpose.
    You don't really need the oil seal installer VAG 2080A if you can drive
a seal in straight by eye. It probably does a nice job, however - I'll
probably make one for my next t-belt change.

    As far as part numbers go, Zelenda uses the same numbers as VAG. Other
tool companies may use different numbers - I've only dealt with Zelenda.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  279k km

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Subject: Timing Belt - Water Pump Speciality Tools

> I'm building up courage to do the timing belt waterpump job, but I'm
> confused about what speciality tools are needed.  I'd like to plan the job
> as much as possible before starting and have all the tools and parts
> necessary on hand.  But I'm confused by different part numbers.
> First
> From Scott Mockery's Webpage I understand the following Speciality Tools
> suggested.  (thank you scott)
> " special tools Crank Damper pulley bolt extending wrench (2079 and the
> Damper Pulley locking bar 2084) from Zelenda in Forest Hills, NY Toll Free
> number is 888-892-8348. They sometimes carry used tools which can save
> $$. The cam pulley holding tool can be purchased from a Mac Tools or Snap
> Tool dealer."
> Second
> Phil Payne indicated (thank you Phil)
> VAG 3036 Crank pulley locking tool is needed.
> On a VW/Audi Speciality Tools webpage  (linked at www.gprparts.com) the
> follow tool numbers are used:
> Crank Shaft Bolt Extension Wrench
> Sir Tool VA 6017  Price: $74.00
> Shipping: $3.00
> Drive Belt Sprocket Locking Wrench
> Sir Tool VA 6018  Price: $39.00
> Shipping: $3.00
> Are these the same tools?
> And Is the complete list of parts its better to replace
> Timing Belt
> Other v Belts
> Waterpump
> ??