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RE: '84 4kQuattro $200 bucks, located in allentown, pa

I am looking for a car exactly like this! But unfortunatelly I am in
Hungary... :-(
Mail order? :-))))))


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Subject: '84 4kQuattro $200 bucks, located in allentown, pa

this car isnt mine, but belongs to someone i know who asked me to post it

'84 4000 Quattro 
black (paint dull) but no body damage or rust. 
car has 150k.  has gold BBS wheels (real BBS, not fakes), all 4 are
has rear spoiler. velour interior.
the bad:
engine out, and apart. (long story)
paint dull.
the good:
car is complete, other than the engine being out, and trans is good.
car is only $200. BBS rims alone are worth at least that. 
maybe suitable for a MC turbo conversion? or would make a good parts car for

someone.  heck, for $200, what do ya want? :<) 

car is located in allentown pa, sitting at a repair shop. you can call them
610-366-0806 (the shop, talk to Mark, shop owner)
or i could fwd the info to the car's owner, if youre interested..

'86 5kT, TQ