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RE: raining on my q


What a PITA, you can try getting some small fan heaters into the car and leave them on over night or all day. Or if you have a vacuum cleaner that is both wet and dry, try that like the valet boys do.



Bet you won't do it again!!!

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		From:	Mark L. Chang [mailto:mchang@ece.nwu.edu]
		Sent:	12 August 1999 23:28
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		Subject:	raining on my q

		DISASTER.  Left the windows and sunroof open all night during a slight
		thunderstorm.  Didn't discover until 10AM this morning.

		Kick me, please.

		Okay, so now the entire interior is drenched, seats, floor carpet, all of
		it.  Had to towel off everything to get to work today.

		What to do?  how do I dry this thing out?  I don't want moldy stuff
		setting in, either in my seat cushions or in the sound deadening material
		in the floor... any ideas?

		I am a putz...

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