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Re: oil burning question

In message <37B39BA7.9F963F53@bc.sympatico.ca> geordie writes:

> I've heard that the I-5 Audi engine lasts forever, so what would be the
> more appropriate reason for my ouil burning? Would it likely be best to
> get my cylinder head rebuilt with new valve guides, or could my piston
> ring be more likely to be at fault? This is a 1982 coupe with 180,000
> kilometres on it......

Valve stem oil seals.  Not even a head-off job for a dealer.

Interestingly, we were discussing this at the Area E meeting last night.
One of the Barrys did a stem seal change with a home-made frame bolted to
the cam cover studs.  He held the valves up with the old soft nylon rope

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